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These one-of-a-kind jackets preserve most of the vintage construction of the original garment but with small modifications which add interest, contrast, and a more generous fit.

We start with a vintage Japanese michiyuki - a narrow garment with snap closures meant to be worn on top of a kimono. We open it up, fold the front panels into a lapel, and voila! A drapey, contemporary jacket that marries Japanese tradition with western style (and physiques).
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"Amethyst Diamonds" Japanique Jacket

Great lining

Our Price: $80.00
"Fantastic Fall Collage" Japanique Jacket

Asymmetrical artistry

Our Price: $90.00
"Floral Shimmer" Japanique Jacket

Great drape

Our Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $69.00
"Giraffe" Japanique Jacket

Fun and funky print

Our Price: $80.00
"Heart Petals" Japanique Jacket

Tiny blossoms

Our Price: $80.00
"Honeycomb Happiness" Japanique Jacket

Hidden Pocket

Our Price: $80.00
"Pastel Palette" Japanique Jacket


Our Price: $80.00
"Shibori Cosmos" Japanique Jacket

Like stars at night

Our Price: $80.00
"Shine On" Japanique Jacket

Unusual Ikat

Our Price: $80.00
"Summery Floral" Japanique Jacket

Wax Resist

Our Price: $80.00
"Textured Terrific" Japanique Jacket

Embossed Effect

Our Price: $80.00
"Tsujigahana" Japanique Jacket

Sumie florals

Our Price: $99.00
"Velvet Irises" Japanique Jacket

Sunset Colors

Our Price: $90.00