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Hakama are unisex pleated "pants" which can actually be a skirt style (without the short-crotched pant legs of the pant style) - traditionally worn over a full kimono. Note the side slits that would reveal what's worn underneath. The waist is generally a free size since the front and back panels are joined by long ties that can be doubled around the waist on smaller frames. Men traditionally wear the hakama low on the hips, under their "sake belly"; Japanese women wear theirs high at the waist. Hakama make a unique skirt for Western women. Lengths and fabric vary slightly, check descriptions carefully. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images or to order.
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Custom Made HakamaCustom Made Hakama
Hakama - PANTS styleHakama - PANTS style
Hakama - SKIRT styleHakama - SKIRT style

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