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Haori Himo
Haori himo are short, woven cords that can be attached to the little loops you'll find on either inside seam of a haori collar. Himo are sold separately and are an optional (and often foregone) accessory for the haori.
Aside from their original use, haori himo make great accent pieces for textile art, bookmarks, key chains, zipper pulls, and more...

Typically six to seven inches long and sold in pairs, variations include flat or rounded weaves, solid, ombre or mixed thread colors, soft or stiff, tasseled or rounded ends, faux leather -- and sometimes something uniquely different.
Occasionally we find beaded or jeweled versions that are designed for a more formal look.

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"Autumn Solids" 10 Single Himo Ties

Charming color combi

Our Price: $29.00
woven himo tie "Be My Valentine" Fancy Haori Himo

Pretty pink

Our Price: $12.00
"Chevron" Fancy Himo

Angled colors

Our Price: $15.00
"Classic Hoops" Fancy Himo

Silver and red

Our Price: $12.00
"Dark Brown" Fancy Himo

Almost black

Our Price: $12.00
"Dreamsicle" Fancy Himo

Orange and Cream

Our Price: $13.00
"Faux Leather - Earthtone" Himo Ties

Batik'd pleather

Our Price: $22.00
"Fiery Mix" Woven Himo Ties

Ombre mix

Our Price: $30.00
"Flamingo Pink" Fancy Himo

Fluffy Tassels

Our Price: $13.00
"For Him?" Fancy Himo

OK for man's haori

Our Price: $10.00
"Girlish Charm" Fancy Himo

Pink and purple

Our Price: $12.00
woven himo tie "Hexagons" Fancy Haori Himo

Older, Wider, Longer

Our Price: $12.00
woven himo tie "Hot Pink Checkers" Fancy Haori Himo

Arrow Angles

Our Price: $12.00
"Hot Pink Pretties" Woven Himo Ties

Bright colors

Our Price: $29.00
"Ice Blue" Fancy Himo

Colorful Thread Accents

Our Price: $13.00
"Older Orange" Fancy Himo

Very Vintage

Our Price: $15.00
"Open Weave" Fancy Himo

Purple and Red

Our Price: $13.00
"Orange Ablaze" 10 Single Himo Ties

Fiery mix

Our Price: $30.00
"Orange Mix" Woven Himo Ties

Five pairs

Our Price: $30.00
"Pink Delight" Fancy Himo

Light and dark

Our Price: $12.00
"Primo Pair" Fancy Himo

Great colors!

Our Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $7.50
"Pumpkin" Fancy Himo

Autumn color

Our Price: $12.00
"Rainbow Bands" Fancy Himo

Wavy weave

Our Price: $15.00
"Red and Turquoise" Woven Himo Ties

Pom poms!

Our Price: $36.00
"Reversible Red" Fancy Himo

Gold diamonds

Our Price: $12.00
"Springtime Tassels" Fancy Himo

Subtle colors

Our Price: $15.00
"Square Braid" Fancy Himo

Round ends

Our Price: $12.00
"Striped Trio" Fancy Himo

Festive Flair

Our Price: $15.00
"Ten Pink Pairs" Himo Bundle

20 ties altogether

Our Price: $25.00
"Twinsies" Fancy Himo

Flat tassels

Our Price: $10.00
"Woven Shibori" Fancy Himo

Diamond and Arrows

Our Price: $14.00
"Yowza" Woven Himo Ties

Hot pink and black

Our Price: $18.00
"Zig Zag" Fancy Himo

Flat loops

Our Price: $12.00