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How would you describe your art/craft?
Designer, wearable art

What kinds of items do you sell? What is the price range?
Kinchaku bags, loop bags, boro kits, boro fabrics, clothing, home decor. $19.50 to 250.00

How long have you been doing this?
25+ years

Have you travelled to Japan? Yes. Been to all the islands from Hokkaido to Okinawa

What is your favorite thing about working with kimono fabric?
The endless patterns and colors/design elements

What is the most challenging thing about working with kimono fabric?
Silks can be challenging. Need to use the correct needles, thread and the correct pressure foot.

And from Hannah’s ETSY profile:

I'm a retired teacher doing what I love to do the most: Play with fabrics! I've lived and worked in Japan, both in the cold, northern ken of Aomori, and on the subtropical island of Okinawa. I've traveled the entire country and discovered the uniqueness of every place I've visited. I've designed and sewed for years. But it wasn't until I engaged with Japanese textiles that I found true passion. It is the touch and feel of vintage fabric that captured my spirit. Kimono, obi, tenegue, furoshiki, worn out futon covers, scraps, and toss -a-ways became my focus on every road trip. I haven't bought a gift for any one in years. And those recipients adore the hand made gifts that they will cherish always. I also enjoy modern day Japanese fabrics and appreciate the renditions of ancient patterns that we can enjoy in our modern day creations. I shop garages sales, estate sales, thrift shops and fabric stores. I'm always collecting and searching for that next hidden gem!

Here are some of Hannah's creations: