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How would you describe your art/craft?
I would describe my craft as Vintage Kimono Textile Art.

What kinds of items do you sell? What is the price range?

I make one of a kind greeting cards, wedding place cards, and smaller designs for scrapbooking, “make your own cards” etc. Each design is cut entirely by hand with tiny scissors. A popular item has been my baby mobiles, made with the beautiful silk lining of a kimono. My prices vary from $10 to $80.

How long have you been doing this? About 15 years. While living in Japan, I constantly visited flea markets and fell in love with colorful used/vintage kimono that could be purchased for little money.

Have you travelled to Japan? I have lived with my family in Yokohama and Tokyo for a total of 12 years and absolutely loved it - we all left a piece of our hearts there...

What is your favorite thing about working with kimono fabric? I prefer working with colorful kimono, and it’s a joy to see how unique each one is - for my small designs, no two pieces come out looking the same. One of my favorite motifs is the Dala horse that now wears Japanese clothing. (Creating them makes me nostalgic for my childhood in Sweden!)

What is the most challenging thing about working with kimono fabric? As I have collected mostly vintage kimono, many have stains and large pin holes; however I am able to work around those.

Here's some of Mona's creations: