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Hiromi Meyer Donatella Crippa Lilli Makinson Francesca Partenza Irene Camerino Hanna Luther
Mona Soyak Eloise Malinsky Ann Gessert Caryne Mount Ann Robertson

We'd like to introduce you to artisans, crafters, and quilters who use vintage Japanese kimono fabric in their work. Some sell commercially, some just do it for the love of the textiles. Enjoy the photos and profiles and feel free to connect with anyone who inspires you. Click on each name in the menu above to see their profile page.

Our plan is to add a new profile each month. If you use vintage Japanese kimono fabric in your work, we would love to include you in our Artisan Profile Program. We create listings here, on our Facebook page, on our Instagram account and on our Tumblr blog. Email Nancy for more information.