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Customer Feedback
Here's what our buyers have said about their purchases:

January 2020

Nancy, Thank you for the order for the robe for my daughter, she absolutely loves it! In fact my oldest daughter has a birthday in February so looking to purchase another one! Regards, SG
Dear Nancy,

In response to your request for survey, I am very pleased with the quality of the four obijime that I purchased. I also appreciate your willingness to send a photo and the effort it required to search for the colors that I had requested. I will most certainly continue to patronize your business and recommend your products. Your turnaround time between order submission and shipment is superb. In every instance my orders have shipped the day after submitting. This is better than amazon! Also, items arrive well packaged. I have never received an item that suffered damage in transit. On the other hand, it would be nice to have the option to select cheaper shipping . I don't always need to receive an order within two days and am usually willing to wait a couple more days in exchange for lower shipping costs. Kind regards, AA
-(from Nancy: Our system offer the cheapest shipping based on weight and distance that still includes tracking. Parcel post is sometimes cheaper by a bit but does not offer tracking.)

December 2019
Hi Nancy. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. The pieces were exactly as photographed and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much and happy holidays to you. Best, NY

September 2019
Just received order of kimono sleeves. Lovely! Will watch for more. -PM

July 2019
Nancy, just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful fabrics you sent, along with the little “bonus” piece! It is always

a pleasure to do business with you. Sincerely, DG

June 2019
I received the Haori today. It looks amazing! Thank you so much. Regards, J.C.
Have been meaning to write to tell you how absolutely thrilled by friend is with your kimono! He was so touched by the obvious care you took to present it beautifully; wondered if he might ever get the obi to look as good. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to go above and beyond by sending the kimono to (my friend), never mind your attention to detail and care. So grateful. Best, Maureen B.

March 2019
Thank you so much for sending my beautiful obi so quickly. It is such a perfect addition for our home and for our holiday decor.

I am a textile artist and am thrilled with the variety of reflective light the obi’s threads generate. Your offering has made a glorious addition to our nest. Aloha, Pat W.

February 2019

Thank you. Excellent service. We were in the midst of 4 consecutive deep snow storms with freezing rain. Schools were closed - actually could not get mail one day. But package arrived on time. Thank you. Berkeley P.
I love the unique products Kyoto Kimono offers and have recommended the company to fellow Japanese textile nerds. The products are extremely well described, and moderately priced. I also appreciated that I was contacted about my order to discuss fabric options, and make sure I received what I wanted. Intend on purchasing more! Erin K.


My order was received quite promptly and it was lovely and well packaged. Thank you for all the wonderful garments and accessories you have available. Best wishes, Lorraine W.

We were extremely happy with the order. You could have noted on the packing slip you refunded excess postage. I saw it on my account. Now comes the hard and fun part…making something that honors the fabric. John B.
The fabric came quite quickly and the bonus "yarn" is nice -- I am anxious to try it out...What I received from KK, is of course, wonderful and will find its way into a quilt shortly. - Mary B.
I love my haori jacket. I appreciated knowing when it would be sent and how long it would take. The haori jacket was beautifully packed. It looks and feels great. I’m delighted about the discount! There were so many lovely items it was hard to choose. Thank you, Ellen R.

January 2019
Your package arrived quickly and was, as stated, full of fun fabric, including one large piece. I’m looking forward to using it. I have a vintage crazy quilt and samples made by its unknown creator. One of the samples is a collaged image of a Japanese woman. I plan to make one piece with a photo of her along with pieces of kimono silks. The idea has been brewing in my head for some time. Now that I have your fantastic fabrics, I’ll be able to design and stitch it. The crazy quilt is from the Finger Lakes region where I grew up — not far from where you are. Don’t envy you the winters.Thanks for the fabulous silks. Nancy N.
I received my recent order sooner than I imagined I would. I wanted exact information about the kanji on the hanging I ordered; I sent Nancy an email, and I received a detailed and friendly response that made me happy. I have not ordered many items from Kyoto Kimono although I always peruse the Friday newsletter. I have forwarded the newsletter to a few friends who share my interest in Japan and a few years ago I gave several friends small gifts. I am always happy with the service! It is a pleasure to say a kind word about Kyoto Kimono. Happy New Year, J.H.
My beautiful fabric arrived very quickly. I love it. It is in perfect condition. Thank you so much. I am beginning to teach myself sashiko style mending and working with these fabrics make it a special joy. Kate C.
I love your merchandise and have never had a problem. Especially since sometimes my items are from overseas, I am amazed how fast they arrive. Thanks for your products and allowing us to partake in the history that accompanies them. Vanessa T.
December 2018
It was simple to order and organizing the delivery was smooth. M.K.

November 2018
Your items are described very well, it's clear that you are very knowledgeable about materials and techniques, I like your informative videos and your Facebook page- and shipping is very speedy- it's a pleasure shopping with you! Thanks again. K.G.
I would like to thank you very much for sending me (so quickly) the kakeshita wedding kimono. It is even more beautiful than I expected. I can assure you that I will take good care of it. Looking very much forward buying something else soon. My very best wishes from a rainy Venice. Ciao Ciao, S.

October 2018
Hello!! Once again my shopping experience was outstanding! I love everything I’ve ever purchased. My orders always arrive sooner than expected! Thanks for being a great place to shop! Best regards, L.B.

September 2018
Good afternoon Nancy. I wanted to belatedly let you know that I received the kimono and am very happy with it. Thank you for a smooth transaction and a really nice garment. Hope to do business with you again sometime. Have a nice day, T.B.
My recent order of kimono fabric scarves and the earlier one of stencils were both handled promptly and carefully. The items are beautiful. Thanks for being such an excellent source for Japanese textiles and related items. -P.M.
So pleased with the Obi I received. Is now hanging on the wall of my Asian inspired guest room. Looks beautiful in the middle of two Asia Paintings. Thank you. -N.M.

August 2018
Nancy has a fabulous eye for beautiful, authentic Japanese textiles. Her service is timely and very customer friendly. It's great to be able to talk to her about color and selection by phone rather than having to correspond with someone in Japan via email. Best of luck Nancy. -M.D.
We are very happy with the product and the speed at which it arrived! Really makes our tapestry look great on the wall. -E.C.
Fast and easy. Product arrived sooner than expected. 5 star. -A.W.
Nancy, Your service is excellent. My packages seem to come at super speed. Makes me look around for the drone! Everything is carefully folded and protected in see-through bags (which prove to be great for ongoing storage). Items are as advertised. Thank you for pointing to flaws due to historic use. No surprises. Of course, since I keep coming back, you know I love your offerings and your careful curation. -P.G.

November 2017
Bonjour! Je viens de recevoir mon haori. Il est beau, en bon état et conforme à la photo. Merci beaucoup. Bonne journée. -T.

October 2017
Oh! I was trying to leave feedback (totally 100% positive) and the screen went black. I want to let you know how happy I am with the item. If there is anything I can do to reflect my total happiness with this transaction please let me know. -B
Thanks for accepting my offer and i really appreciated this transaction with you. I really liked the pattern, so the money you saved me will be used to alter the piece to fit me. i look forward to giving you excellent feedback and i wish that more sellers were like you. Thank you! -C.

April 2017:
Nancy, the haori is elegant and fits well. Thank you for your suggestions during design, and for your having selected a dedicated staff who executed the design professionally. I shall wear it with pride. - M.
Nancy, just wanted to let you know that my black jacquard bundle arrived today. they are beautiful!!! perfect for the jacket I am making with deconstructed vintage kimono fabrics that I have purchased from you. Ill try to remember to send you a picture when done. Thank you, C.L.
I meant to message you a couple days ago but it has been busy busy! We received the kimono and obi and it's absolutely perfect for what we want and were are doing appreciative of getting it so fast, it fits perfectly! We don't know what we could have done without you! Thank you again from both of us! C.M.
Hi Nancy. The Kimono came today and it was beautiful! M. loved it. It was even nicer in person than online, and it looked great online, just nicer when so see how lovely they are when your holding them and looking at the art work! Thank you for such beautiful merchandise. Sincerely, M and G.