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NEW THIS WEEK (9/21/2018)


The finishing touch for your traditional obi or a Japanique touch for jeans or a sheath dress....obijime can do it all!
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obijime obiage "Autumn Allure" - Vintage Obiage Obijime Set

Fall color palette

Our Price: $29.00
obi jime cord "Butter and Jam" - Vintage Obijime

Yellow and Red

Our Price: $19.00
obi jime cord "Just Purple" - Vintage Obijime

Flat Weave

Our Price: $19.00
obijime obiage "Lilac and Blue" - Vintage Obiage Obijime Set

Year Round Colors

Our Price: $29.00
obi jime cord "Pink and Silver" - Vintage Obijime


Our Price: $19.00
obi jime cord "Summer Rainbow" - Vintage Obijime

Artistic Palette

Our Price: $19.00
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