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NEW THIS WEEK (9/22/17):


Our last batch of men's kimono jackets until next year - casual to formal styles.
We also have a small group of men's himo ties (something else we rarely get).
They're optional when wearing a haori but they do complete the look....

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"Casual Blue Grid" Man's Haori

Wool Blend

Our Price: $60.00
"Fancy Blue 1" Man's Himo

Round chunky braid

Our Price: $25.00
"Fancy Blue 2" Man's Himo

Round chunky braid

Our Price: $25.00
"Flat Weave - Black 1" Man's Himo

Semi-formal himo

Our Price: $20.00
"Flat Weave - Black 2" Man's Himo

Longer loops

Our Price: $20.00
"Flat Weave - Blue" Man's Himo

Casual style

Our Price: $20.00
"Flat Weave - Brown" Man's Himo

Casual style

Our Price: $15.00
"Flat Weave - Cream 1" Man's Himo


Our Price: $15.00
"Flat Weave - Cream 2" Man's Himo

Possibly formal use

Our Price: $15.00
"Fuji and Tea" Man's Haori

Wrapped Chaire

Our Price: $199.00
"River Runners" Man's Haori

So many mysteries...

Our Price: $149.00
"Roaring Tiger" Man's Haori

Masterful weaving

Our Price: $249.00
"Round Braid - Brown 1" Man's Himo

Casual himo

Our Price: $15.00
"Round Braid - Brown 2" Man's Himo

Casual style

Our Price: $20.00
"Round Braid - Brown 3" Man's Himo

Rounded clasps

Our Price: $13.00
"Round Braid - Cream" Man's Himo

Formal style

Our Price: $20.00
"Sad Daruma" Man's Haori

God of Mystery

Our Price: $149.00
"Semi-Formal" Man's Haori

Plain black silk

Our Price: $75.00
"Ship Festival" Man's Haori

Sailor's Delight

Our Price: $149.00
"Summer Silk" Man's Haori

Lightweight, unlined

Our Price: $50.00
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