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The michiyuki is traditionally worn on top of a kimono, but also makes a great jacket or dress to complement western clothing. Michiyuki typically have a narrow fit, with snap closures that can pucker or open up under stress. These are great as-is for sizes 2-10 (check measurements) but you can also order a michi modification and we'll convert your choice into a Japanique Jacket that offers a more generous fit.
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"Buttercup" Woman's Michiyuki "Buttercup" Woman's Michiyuki

Bright and cheerful

Our Price: $75.00
"Choppy Seas" Woman's Shibori Michiyuki "Choppy Seas" Woman's Shibori Michiyuki

Pine, bamboo, and more

Our Price: $75.00
"Fishnet" Woman's Shibori Michiyuki "Fishnet" Woman's Shibori Michiyuki

Creative design

Our Price: $75.00
"Orange Michiyuki Surprise" Woman's Kimono Jacket "Orange Michiyuki Surprise" Woman's Kimono Jacket

Randomly selected

Our Price: $30.00
"Powder Pink" Woman's Michiyuki "Powder Pink" Woman's Michiyuki

Feminine, Sweet

Our Price: $75.00