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The items below are the types most commonly purchased with wholesale rates. Popular events for ordering in bulk have included:

  • Bridal, Japanese-themed, or milestone birthday party gifts for attendees
  • Japanese restaurant staff
  • Japanese culture student groups (ikebana, tea ceremony, language studies)
  • Theater groups
  • Fund raisers

Since most of our inventory is one of a kind - either vintage or custom made - pricing and quantities vary with each order.

Email or call Nancy to discuss the options.

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"Retro Floral" Japanique Pendant

Abstract floral

Our Price: $15.00
"Pink Floral" Japanique Pendant

Classic design

Our Price: $15.00
"Single Mum" Japanique Pendant

White on blue

Our Price: $15.00
"Square Floral" Japanique Pendant

Single Blossom

Our Price: $15.00
"Four Flowers" Japanique Pendant

Background Blues

Our Price: $15.00
"Pink and Black" 3 Sleeve Set

Nice texture mix

Our Price: $20.00
"Basic Black" Origami Pouch

Cloud and bird jacquard

Our Price: $22.00
"70's Chic" Amulet Pouch


Our Price: $28.00
"Turquoise Tint" Amulet Pouch

Hints of Blue

Our Price: $29.00
"Golden Accents" Amulet Pouch

Pinks and Purple

Our Price: $29.00
"Black Silk" Haori Jacket

Little Black Jacket

Our Price: $40.00
"September Night" Japanique Jacket

Delicate florals

Our Price: $80.00
"Sparkles" Japanique Jacket

A classic plus zing

Our Price: $80.00
"Shibori Shebang!" Japanique Jacket

Three shibori techniques

Our Price: $99.00
"Tale of Genji" Woman's Vintage Japanese Haori

Murasaki Shikibu

Our Price: $149.00