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We create these display pieces - preserving as much of the original item as possible - as a way to add a touch of Japanese textile art to a decor space that can't accommodate a full kimono, haori, or obi. These smaller pieces also allow the viewer to focus on the finer details of the fabric, whether woven, painted, dyed, or embroidered....
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kimono fabric tapestry wall decor "Furisode Fans" Kimono Tapestry

Formal Kimono Repurposed

Our Price: $60.00
"Kasuri Pair" Focus Fabric Hangings "Kasuri Pair" Focus Fabric Hangings

Fun twins

Our Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $12.00
"No Sew Kimono Quilt Board Kit" "No Sew Kimono Quilt Board Kit"

Fun Crafting

Our Price: $23.00
kimono fabric tapestry wall decor "Three Dolls" Haori Tapestry

Taiko, Mallet, Bamboo

Our Price: $45.00
"Three Palms" Haori Tapestry "Three Palms" Haori Tapestry

Palm Trees in Japan?

Our Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $29.00
"Very Berry" Haori Tapestry "Very Berry" Haori Tapestry

Shibori Ombre

Our Price: $50.00
"Very Happy Blossoms" Obi Tapestry "Very Happy Blossoms" Obi Tapestry

Shimmering silver

Our Price: $35.00