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Have a kimono collection to offer us?

If you have a collection you would like to offer us, we ask that you first browse through our website (and others) to compare pricing and styles of what you have to what we typically sell. If you are willing to accept roughly one third of the retail sale price of your items, please email Nancy an inventory list that includes the garment type, condition, and any history of each item, and a price for the entire collection. Please do not send photos until you get a reply.

As an option for older or more collectible pieces, we sometimes offer a consignment arrangement.
If you have a single kimono or obi to sell, we may be interested if it has a value of $300 or more. This would include wedding kimono (if quite different from ones we currently offer) or very unusual vintage or antique pieces, (e.g., pieces collected prior to 1945). We charge a 50% commission on consignments, which covers photographing, describing and shipping the item(s) as well as related e-commerce fees and all customer service.

If you are not sure about the value of what you have, a first step would be to request an appraisal ($50) from owner Nancy McDonough. If we later purchase or take any item(s) on consignment, we will credit you for the $50 appraisal payment. Email Nancy to learn more.