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Kimono Mania is the blog for Kyoto Kimono!
Learn about kimono, Japanese culture, Kyoto, and more!
Below are some of our more recent posts.
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Silk Production in Japan Today

Fascinating video on the production and uses of silk from Japan. This amazing material has rich history in the Japanese culture. As you see in the video, Japanese silk was used for more than just kimono as it is very strong and protects against UV radiation. .

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#silkworm, #sericulture, #japanese silk production, #types of silk, #properties of silk, #silk threads

How Ukiyo-e Prints are made

A great video on traditional Japanese wood block printing.

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Kyoto Kimono we have a few Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints for sale. Click here to browse them.

#ukiyo-e, #woodblock, #woodblock prints, #japanese techniques, #printmaking, #japanese art

Unique Find!

We found this delightful shop on Etsy with beautiful sumi-e painted items including wedding kimono and button-down shirts.

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We sell these white wedding kimono, called shiromuku, when we get them in. Click here to browse.

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Here's one of our haiku from our Monthly Newsletter

Hope Springs Eternal

Sense the night fading,
Listen to the chickadee,
See? The sun rises…

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Transform an old, treasured chair!

The amazing transformation of this old chair is the result of re-covering it with a large Japanese furoshiki (and, as you can see, it’s also been repainted).
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We sell smaller versions of this design – maybe they’re the right size a pillow or chair back you’ve been meaning to transform….? Click the photo or here to view them all!

#upcycled, #repurposed, #home decor, #furoshiki, #reupholstery, #decor ideas, #japanese fabric

Brief Timeline of Tattoos in Japan

From 5000 BC (!!) to present day, tatoos have held a unique place in Japanese culture, starting from its beginnings as a form of punishment to its place as body art today!

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5,000 BC – figurines dating back to 5,000 BC were uncovered and the engravings on their face are thought to represent tattoo marks .....through.....
20th Century – tattooing in Japan remained illegal until the end of WWII when General MacArthur liberalized the Japanese laws. Today, tattoos remain largely unaccepted.

#japanese tattoo, #tattoo as punishment, #yakuza tattoo,#timeline, #oldjapan

Sashimono - Traditional Japanese Woodworking Techniques

Quite fascinating! Although it is not textile related, we love all traditional Japanese craft techniques. The video is a little long (30 min), but shows beautiful finished pieces, nifty tools, and excellent examples of the inner workings of this traditional craft. Worth the watch!

#sashimono, #woodworking, #japanese craft, #japanese culture, #traditional techniques, #furniture making