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Japanique Noren (Doorway Curtains)

Traditional Japanese noren (doorway curtains) hang in homes, temples, shops and offices to serve many purposes. Here are just a few:
-to separate rooms in a house
-to offer a bit of privacy from the passers by (in a street-level doorway)
-to entice those passing to peek inside (at a garden or public establishment)
-to create a cooling breeze on a hot summer day (anywhere!)
-to announce a celebration (at a temple or community office)
-to invite patrons inside (at a shop or eatery)
-to display the type of shop or goods offered (at a store)

On offer here are the Japanique Noren that we make from vintage kimono fabrics. We sometimes get other noren that are not made by us or are not vintage, which you can find by clicking here.
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Japanese noren curtain "Bridal Noren" Noren Curtain


Our Price: $299.00
Japanese noren curtain "Pine Needles" Noren Curtain

Rayon Crepe

Our Price: $29.00