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*NOTE: With a few occasional exceptions, these are NEW, not vintage items.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, used even today when presenting gifts! They're also handy tied into totes to use at the grocery, at school, etc. Great for home decor, table covers, or quilting projects, too! Furoshiki are square and the sizes range from 20" to 40" or more!

Tenugui are traditional Japanese hand towels, made of thin cotton and printed or dyed with a design that is usually fit for framing. They are long and thin, usually 36" x 14" but that can vary.
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furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth "Arctic Playground Japanese Tenugui

Seals, Polar Bears

Our Price: $12.00
furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth "Nihon Bashi" Japanese Tenugui

Utagawa Hiroshige

Our Price: $15.00
furoshiki japanese wrapping cloth "Red Fish" Japanese Tenugui

Hundreds of Fishes

Our Price: $12.00