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*NOTE: These are NEW, not vintage furoshiki. (For vintage furoshiki, click here.)

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, used even today when presenting gifts! They're also handy tied into totes to use at the grocery, at school, etc. Great for home decor, table covers, or quilting projects, too!
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"Hokusai's - Red Mount Fuji" Furoshiki "Hokusai's - Red Mount Fuji" Furoshiki

Famous Woodblock

Our Price: $12.00
"Hokusai's - The Wave" Furoshiki "Hokusai's - The Wave" Furoshiki

Tsunami woodblock

Our Price: $12.00
"Koi Nobori" New Furoshiki "Koi Nobori" New Furoshiki

Boy's Day Banner

Our Price: $12.00
"Maneki Collection" New Furoshiki "Maneki Collection" New Furoshiki

Dozens of felines!

Our Price: $12.00
"Tama & Irises" New Furoshiki "Tama & Irises" New Furoshiki

Kittie by the pond

Our Price: $12.00
"Tama & Sakura" New Furoshiki "Tama & Sakura" New Furoshiki

Kittie under the cherry blossoms

Our Price: $12.00