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KYOTO November 2022
See the Kyoto Trip Info Page for the details of what's included in the tour.

December 2021: Reservations open. $500 deposit due
January 2022: "Tour Chats" to confirm participation are concluded
February 2022: Welcome Letter sent introducing group members. Group members share their interests, backgrounds, and photos
March 15, 2022: Half the balance due by check or money order
May 15, 2022: Flight itineraries due and proof of travel insurance requested
July 1, 2022: Invoice for final payment plus any additional hotel nights sent out
July 15, 2022: Final payment due by check or money order
August 30, 2022: Planning Letter and "Goodie Boxes" sent to whet the appetite for Japan
October 1, 2022 Pre-Trip Prep Letter sent with details about airport transfers, etiquette, itinerary updates, etc.
November 13, 2022: Meet us in the hotel lobby to head to the Welcome Dinner

Below is the tentative itinerary for the 2022 November Tour to Kyoto. The final itinerary will be confirmed approximately three months prior to departure.