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Home Decor
Japanique your home or office with a touch of kimono fabric. Each item is made from up-cycled Japanese kimono fabric and is one of a kind!
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"Kasuri Pair" Focus Fabric Hangings "Kasuri Pair" Focus Fabric Hangings

Fun twins

Our Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Christmas stocking "Twinkling Lights" - Christmas Stocking

Silver accents

Our Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $19.00
"Three Palms" Haori Tapestry "Three Palms" Haori Tapestry

Palm Trees in Japan?

Our Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $29.00
Japanese noren curtain "Pine Needles" Noren Curtain

Rayon Crepe

Our Price: $29.00
"Very Happy Blossoms" Obi Tapestry "Very Happy Blossoms" Obi Tapestry

Shimmering silver

Our Price: $35.00
"Geisha" Haori Tapestry "Geisha" Haori Tapestry

Edo Figures

Our Price: $40.00
kimono fabric tapestry wall decor "Three Dolls" Haori Tapestry

Taiko, Mallet, Bamboo

Our Price: $45.00
"Bright Swirl" Table Runner "Bright Swirl" Table Runner

Bright Coral Color

Our Price: $49.00
"Very Berry" Haori Tapestry "Very Berry" Haori Tapestry

Shibori Ombre

Our Price: $50.00
vintage Japanese obi table runner "Pink Abstract" Table Runner

Contemporary Design

Our Price: $50.00
kimono fabric tapestry wall decor "Furisode Fans" Kimono Tapestry

Formal Kimono Repurposed

Our Price: $60.00
Japanese noren curtain "Bridal Noren" Noren Curtain


Our Price: $299.00