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Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, used even today when presenting gifts! They're also handy tied into totes to use at the grocery, at school, etc. Great for home decor, table covers, or quilting projects, too!
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"Blue Beauty" Vintage Furoshiki "Blue Beauty" Vintage Furoshiki

Sleek and silky

Our Price: $16.00
"Book Shop" Furoshiki "Book Shop" Furoshiki

Large Size

Our Price: $18.00
"Oversized" Vintage Furoshiki "Oversized" Vintage Furoshiki

Laundry Tote?

Our Price: $25.00
"Retro Plants" Furoshiki "Retro Plants" Furoshiki

Gold Accent

Our Price: $14.00
"Rosey Pink" Furoshiki "Rosey Pink" Furoshiki

Bands of circles

Our Price: $12.00
"Summer Floral" Furoshiki "Summer Floral" Furoshiki

Bamboo, too

Our Price: $14.00
"Urn" Furoshiki "Urn" Furoshiki

Printed Batik Crackle

Our Price: $12.00
"Vases and Vines" Furoshiki "Vases and Vines" Furoshiki

Cool and Odd

Our Price: $16.00
"Weaving Company" Cotton Furoshiki "Weaving Company" Cotton Furoshiki

Big and Sturdy

Our Price: $18.00