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"Butterfly Manegerie" Furisode Kimono

Colorful and fun

Our Price: $300.00
"Butterfly Whimsy" Furisode Kimono

Gold and silver accents

Our Price: $299.00
"Checkered Diamonds" Furisode Kimono

Couching and embroidery

Our Price: $300.00
"Citrus Clouds" Furisode Kimono

Peeking mums

Our Price: $300.00
"Furisode Juban" Woman's Under Kimono

Many in stock

Our Price: $99.00
"Golden Wave" Furisode Kimono

Fantastic Shibori

Our Price: $299.00
"Harlequin Floral" Woman's Furisode Kimono

Diamonds and Blossoms

Our Price: $400.00
"Kaleidoscope" Furisode Kimono

Butterflies Galore

Our Price: $299.00
"Lucky Green" Furisode Kimono

Many blossoms

Our Price: $299.00
"Million Mums" Furisode Kimono

Asymmetrical design

Our Price: $300.00
"Mosaic Mums" Furisode Kimono

Couching embellishment

Our Price: $350.00
"Powder Pink" Woman's Furisode Kimono

Formal Juban

Our Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $149.00
"Purple Clouds" Furisode Kimono

Deep contrast colors!

Our Price: $250.00
"Purple Haze" Woman's Furisode Kimono

Contemporary, synthetic

Our Price: $190.00
Sale Price: $95.00
"Shibori Layers" Furisode Kimono

Swirls and Florals

Our Price: $299.00
"Stenciled Sweet" Woman's Kimono

The Banker's Collection

Our Price: $159.00