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Formal Kimono
There are five "levels" of formality in a Japanese kimono. Each has a particular element that indicates its level:
The most casual kimono feature small repeated patterning and, typically, shorter drop sleeves. There are no crests and non-silks are common. The next level is a silk kimono with no crests but with longer drop sleeves and a larger patterning - perhaps an asymmetrical design. The third level would have a single family crest (called a mon) at the back of the neck - the most obvious indicator of a semi-formal kimono because the sleeve length and patterning can vary widely. Iromuji kimono often have one crest. The fourth level features three family crests - the one at the neck and one on the back of each sleeve. The fifth and most formal level features an additional two crests, one on each side of the front collar. The tomesode kimono will have three or five crests. The furisode kimono are an exception to the "five crest" feature - furisode are also very, very formal but may have no crests at all...instead their formality is indicated by their long, long "butterfly sleeves", similar to those of a wedding kimono.
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vintage tomesode kimono "Surprise Me" Iromuji Kimono

Formal, elegant

Our Price: $50.00
vintage tomesode kimono "Surprise Me" Tomesode Kimono

Formal, elegant

Our Price: $75.00
womans haori kimono jacket "Satiny Red" Vintage Kimono

Family Crest

Our Price: $99.00
"Yuzen Camellia" Tomesode Kimono "Yuzen Camellia" Tomesode Kimono

Masterfully painted

Our Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $125.00
"Bird and Bouquet" Tomesode Kimono "Bird and Bouquet" Tomesode Kimono

Bright colors, bold design

Our Price: $159.00
Sale Price: $125.00
vintage furisode kimono "Summer Peonies" Furisode Kimono

Light and Unlined

Our Price: $125.00
vintage tomesode kimono "Taiko and Fans" Tomesode Kimono

Musician's Dream

Our Price: $165.00
Sale Price: $125.00
vintage tomesode kimono "Gift Boxes" Tomesode Kimono

Yuzen and Gold

Our Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $125.00
"Checkered Diamonds" Furisode Kimono "Checkered Diamonds" Furisode Kimono

Couching and embroidery

Our Price: $150.00
"Citrus Clouds" Furisode Kimono "Citrus Clouds" Furisode Kimono

Peeking mums

Our Price: $150.00
"Kaleidoscope" Furisode Kimono "Kaleidoscope" Furisode Kimono

Butterflies Galore

Our Price: $150.00
chu furisode kimono "Red Shibori" Vintage Kimono

Puckered Jacquard

Our Price: $150.00
"Mosaic Mums" Furisode Kimono "Mosaic Mums" Furisode Kimono

Couching embellishment

Our Price: $175.00
furisode kimono "Waves and Wheels" Vintage Kimono


Our Price: $175.00
furisode kimono "Red Botan" Vintage Kimono

Peonies and more

Our Price: $175.00
furisode kimono "Green Snowflakes" Vintage Kimono

Vibrant Color

Our Price: $175.00
furisode kimono "Wisteria Wonder" Vintage Kimono

Amazing Embroidery

Our Price: $175.00
"Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono "Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono

Delicate Hand Work

Our Price: $199.00