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We've been in the kimono business since 1996, offering traditional vintage Japanese garments and textiles, including:

  • Kimono for men, women and children
  • Haori Kimono Jackets for men and women
  • Obi - maru, fukuro, nagoya, han, and sakiori obi
  • Wedding Kimono including uchikake, kakeshita, shiromuku, and furisode
  • Japanese fabric including shibori, ikat, indigo, yuzen, katazome, rozome, embroidery, and more
  • Other textile treasures like katagami stencils, scrap bundles, lining fabrics, boro, and much, much more!

Be sure to check out our Japanique Boutique, where you'll find modified kimono robes and XL jackets, accessories like scarves and totes, home decor like wall displays and noren door curtains and more!

We put New This Week items on offer and/or on sale every Friday!

Is Japan on your wish list? We offer a textile tour to Kyoto where you can visit traditional Japanese artisans, experience indigo dyeing and other textile workshops, shop at the famous Kyoto Temple Flea Markets, and much more!.

Owner Nancy McDonough is more than happy to "talk kimono" with you or recommend special places in Kyoto - just email her with your questions!