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Vintage kimono were originally made (usually tailor-made!) for a small/medium sized frame. People taller than 5'8" and having a larger frame may need a custom made garment. We offer kimono, haori, and hakama made with the traditional pattern but sewn with wider, contemporary silk or cotton, which provides a roomier fit. Unfortunately we are not able to custom-make a kimono from a traditional kimono fabric bolt, but you can send us your own fabric if you have a specific color or design in mind.

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"Custom Made Hakama" "Custom Made Hakama"

Any size, skirt or pants

Our Price: $150.00
"Custom Made Haori" "Custom Made Haori"

Any size, made to order

Our Price: $165.00
"Custom Made Kimono" "Custom Made Kimono"

Any size in the traditional pattern

Our Price: $175.00