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Many vintage boy's kimono are more appropriate for display than for wearing - they tend to be quite small (made for a 3 or 5-year old) and elaborately embroidered or painted (intended for ceremonies rather than play). We rarely get casual kimono or yukata for young boys, but if we do, they'll be listed below at the low end of the price range.
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"Abounding Sea" Boy's Kimono "Abounding Sea" Boy's Kimono

Treasure ship

Our Price: $125.00
"Animal Whimsy" Boy's Kimono "Animal Whimsy" Boy's Kimono

Monkeys, Elephants, Bunnies

Our Price: $89.00
"Archer's Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Archer's Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Arrows and a Dragon

Our Price: $139.00
"Auspicious River" Boy's Kimono "Auspicious River" Boy's Kimono

Bamboo Crests

Our Price: $149.00
"Entwined" Boy's Yukata Kimono "Entwined" Boy's Yukata Kimono

Summer Robe

Our Price: $99.00
"Fierce Hawk" Boy's Kimono "Fierce Hawk" Boy's Kimono

Three gold crests

Our Price: $99.00
"Fu Dog Protectors" Boy's Kimono "Fu Dog Protectors" Boy's Kimono

Stitched Crest

Our Price: $129.00
"Golden Hawk" Boy's Kimono "Golden Hawk" Boy's Kimono

Guarding the treasure

Our Price: $149.00
"Hawk on the Bridge" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Hawk on the Bridge" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Travelers Protected

Our Price: $139.00
"Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Samurai Helmet

Our Price: $125.00
"Kiddie Toys" Boy's Kimono "Kiddie Toys" Boy's Kimono

Very vintage

Our Price: $125.00
"Kintaro" Boy's Juban Underkimono "Kintaro" Boy's Juban Underkimono

Mythical Hero

Our Price: $125.00
"Leaping Rabbit" Boy's Kimono "Leaping Rabbit" Boy's Kimono

Jump, Bunny, Jump!

Our Price: $125.00
"Magic Mallets" Boy's Kimono "Magic Mallets" Boy's Kimono

Cranes, too

Our Price: $59.00
"Ningyo" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Ningyo" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Seven Little Characters

Our Price: $125.00
"Padded Pal" Boy's Kimono "Padded Pal" Boy's Kimono

Beautiful blue

Our Price: $49.00
"Samurai Gear" Boy's Kimono "Samurai Gear" Boy's Kimono

Teal green

Our Price: $125.00
"Shojo" Boy's Kimono "Shojo" Boy's Kimono

Noh Character

Our Price: $149.00
"Shortened Formal" Boy's Kimono "Shortened Formal" Boy's Kimono

Expandable Length

Our Price: $75.00
"Shortie" Boy's Haori "Shortie" Boy's Haori

Dramatic Display

Our Price: $50.00
"Sweet Dreams" Boy's Kimono "Sweet Dreams" Boy's Kimono

Hand sewn

Our Price: $59.00
"Tomoe" Happi Coat "Tomoe" Happi Coat

Medium Size

Our Price: $50.00
"Two Hawks" Boy's Haori "Two Hawks" Boy's Haori

Great for Display

Our Price: $60.00
"Two Samurai" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Two Samurai" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

A Work of Art

Our Price: $149.00
"Young Man" Boy's Haori "Young Man" Boy's Haori

Painted Lining

Our Price: $99.00