"Stunning" Furisode Kimono
"Stunning" Furisode Kimono
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"Stunning" Furisode Kimono

Living up to the nickname we gave it, this gorgeous formal furisode kimono is contemporary - maybe from the 1970's? - but has an old world design.

A wide coral band flows across the seams in front and back, and seems to border a river of silver and gold flowing waters.  Sprigs of plum blossoms stretch across the waters, each hand-colored and many of them accented in gold.

There is a slight watermark on one of the sleeves - noticeable but we feel the kimono is still quite wearable and very displayable.

Lined? yes
Hips/waist (includes overlap)=52"
Condition: Very Good - Watermark blemish on sleeve.

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