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NEW THIS WEEK (5/26/17):

Fancy Haori Himo

These little beauties were made to be worn with haori jackets, but were always sold separately and often purchased but never used. Flat, round, or braided weaves; many different colors and designs. These are woven on a special spool-type loom.

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"Autumn Knot" Fancy Himo

Yellow Pompom Knots

Our Price: $15.00
"Brick and Mortar" Fancy Himo


Our Price: $13.00
"Chevron" Fancy Himo

Angled colors

Our Price: $15.00
"Dark Blue" Man's Himo

Like New

Our Price: $15.00
"Dark Brown" Fancy Himo

Almost black

Our Price: $12.00
"Dark Teal" Man's Himo

Vintage but unused

Our Price: $20.00
"Dreamsicle" Fancy Himo

Orange and Cream

Our Price: $13.00
"Fire Engine Red" Fancy Himo

Fancy Weave

Our Price: $15.00
"Flamingo Pink" Fancy Himo

Fluffy Tassels

Our Price: $13.00
"Golden Sun" Fancy Himo

Rounded Braid

Our Price: $15.00
"Ice Blue" Fancy Himo

Colorful Thread Accents

Our Price: $13.00
"Older Orange" Fancy Himo

Very Vintage

Our Price: $15.00
"Open Weave" Fancy Himo

Purple and Red

Our Price: $13.00
"Rainbow Bands" Fancy Himo

Wavy weave

Our Price: $15.00
"Springtime Tassels" Fancy Himo

Subtle colors

Our Price: $15.00
"Striped Trio" Fancy Himo

Festive Flair

Our Price: $15.00
"Sunset" Fancy Himo

Bright blue, bright orange

Our Price: $15.00
"Ten Pink Pairs" Himo Bundle

20 ties altogether

Our Price: $25.00
"Tiny Mosaic" Fancy Himo

Look Closely

Our Price: $15.00
"Wine and Dandy" Fancy Himo

Double Braids

Our Price: $13.00
"Woven Shibori" Fancy Himo

Diamond and Arrows

Our Price: $14.00