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We get one man's kimono for every 200 woman's kimono - and we can't keep them in stock when they do come in, so get yours while the gettin's good.

We have cotton yukata and silk casual kimono, as well as a couple of underkimono.
We have a few others - click here to see the rest of our Men's Kimono!

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"Back to Basics" Man's Kimono

Dark, dark gray

Our Price: 99.00
"C is for Cookie" Man's Yukata Kimono

Great cotton robe

Our Price: 89.00
"Casual Blue" Man's Kimono

Tiny Ikat Weave

Our Price: 99.00
"Chocolate Pinstripes" Man's Kimono

Informal and fun

Our Price: 99.00
"Circuitry" Man's Yukata Kimono

Traditional Summer Robe

Our Price: 89.00
"Dancing Shojo" Man's Under Kimono

Noh Theater Motif

Our Price: 109.00
"Doodling" Man's Yukata Kimono

Lots of Squiggles

Our Price: 89.00
"Easy Going" Man's Kimono

Robe to Chill In

Our Price: 99.00
"Golden Boy" Man's Kimono

Bright Grid

Our Price: 109.00
"Interlocking" Man's Yukata Kimono

Tapered Sleeves

Our Price: 89.00
"Layered Grids" Man's Yukata Kimono

Many shades of blue

Our Price: 89.00
"Oshima" Man's Kimono

Dorozome - Mud Dye

Our Price: 129.00
"Sailor's Delight" Man's Under Kimono

Fantastic Detail

Our Price: 149.00
"Subtle Hubby" Man's Kimono

Understated, simple

Our Price: 99.00
"Tiny Grid" Man's Kimono

Dark, dark gray

Our Price: 99.00
"White is Rare" Man's Yukata Kimono

Rare White Kimono

Our Price: 99.00