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NEW THIS WEEK (4/20/2018)
Boy's Kimono
Noren Door Curtains

Children's Day (formerly known as Boy's Day) is coming up on May 5th, and even though Japanese boys don't typically wear kimono on this day, we've taken the opportunity to showcase a new selection of kimono, haori, and happi coats for young boys. You'll find miyamairi-style kimono that are art pieces, not play clothes, but we have a few happi coats too.

And just in case your "boy" has grown up, we're also listing several noren - door curtains - that he might like for his man cave or maybe the entrance to the hot tub area...

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"Archer's Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Archer's Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Arrows and a Dragon

Our Price: $139.00
"Formal Black" Boy's Haori "Formal Black" Boy's Haori

Long and Narrow

Our Price: $60.00
"Fu Dog Protectors" Boy's Kimono "Fu Dog Protectors" Boy's Kimono

Stitched Crest

Our Price: $129.00
"Golden Cranes" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Golden Cranes" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Unusual Crane Color

Our Price: $99.00
"Hawk on the Bridge" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Hawk on the Bridge" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Travelers Protected

Our Price: $139.00
"Higuma" Noren Door Curtain "Higuma" Noren Door Curtain

Beware of Bear

Our Price: $39.00
"Hot Water" Noren Sento Curtain "Hot Water" Noren Sento Curtain

Japanese Public Bath

Our Price: $39.00
"Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Kabuto" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Samurai Helmet

Our Price: $125.00
"Kintaro" Boy's Juban Underkimono "Kintaro" Boy's Juban Underkimono

Mythical Hero

Our Price: $125.00
"Little Guy" Happi Coat "Little Guy" Happi Coat

Child Size

Our Price: $25.00
"Ningyo" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Ningyo" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

Seven Little Characters

Our Price: $125.00
"Shortie" Boy's Haori "Shortie" Boy's Haori

Dramatic Display

Our Price: $50.00
"Tomoe" Happi Coat "Tomoe" Happi Coat

Medium Size

Our Price: $50.00
"Two Hawks" Boy's Haori "Two Hawks" Boy's Haori

Great for Display

Our Price: $60.00
"Two Samurai" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono "Two Samurai" Boy's Miyamairi Kimono

A Work of Art

Our Price: $149.00
"Wavy Pool" Noren Sento Curtain "Wavy Pool" Noren Sento Curtain

Soap Advertisement

Our Price: $59.00
"Wild Iris" Noren Sento Curtain "Wild Iris" Noren Sento Curtain

Arigato for coming

Our Price: $59.00
"Young Man" Boy's Formal Kimono "Young Man" Boy's Formal Kimono

Expandable Length

Our Price: $75.00
"Young Man" Boy's Haori "Young Man" Boy's Haori

Painted Lining

Our Price: $99.00
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