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Here you'll find the three most common styles of bridal kimono:
uchikake - brighter, heavier, with a thickly padded hem; these are not meant to be belted,
kakeshita - colorful but lighter weight with a thinner padding at the hem; these can be worn with an obi
shiromuku - white on white jacquard, usually worn for Shinto wedding ceremonies.

We sometimes get antique or very vintage wedding kimono, which feature softer colors and smaller imagery, but most of these are contemporary (circa 1960-80) and are likely to be former rental kimono (since buying one is usually out of the question financially)!
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"Bingata Style" Furisode Kimono "Bingata Style" Furisode Kimono

Gorgeous dyework

Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $299.00
"Bright Green Glory" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita) "Bright Green Glory" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

Hawaiian Wedding?

Our Price: $450.00
"Bright Pine" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Bright Pine" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Fine Embroidery

Our Price: $500.00
"Butterflies" Furisode Kimono "Butterflies" Furisode Kimono

Elaborately Woven

Our Price: $275.00
"Butterfly Whimsy" Furisode Kimono "Butterfly Whimsy" Furisode Kimono

Gold and silver accents

Our Price: $299.00
"Checkered Diamonds" Furisode Kimono "Checkered Diamonds" Furisode Kimono

Couching and embroidery

Our Price: $300.00
"Citrus Clouds" Furisode Kimono "Citrus Clouds" Furisode Kimono

Peeking mums

Our Price: $300.00
"Cobalt Yuzen" Furisode Kimono "Cobalt Yuzen" Furisode Kimono

Festive Design

Our Price: $299.00
"Embroidered Cranes" Kakeshita Wedding Kimono "Embroidered Cranes" Kakeshita Wedding Kimono

Amazing Handwork

Our Price: $500.00
"Fan-tastic Blue" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Fan-tastic Blue" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Fans, Mums, and more

Our Price: $500.00
"Festive Fans" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Festive Fans" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Satin Stitched Ivy

Our Price: $600.00
Sale Price: $399.00
"Flock of Cranes" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Flock of Cranes" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Floral clouds

Our Price: $500.00
"Floral Carts" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita) "Floral Carts" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

Elaborately embroidered

Our Price: $400.00
"Floral Curtain" Furisode Kimono "Floral Curtain" Furisode Kimono

Masterful Dye Work

Our Price: $299.00
"Gold Noshi" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Gold Noshi" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Lets Celebrate!

Our Price: $600.00
"Holiday Celebration" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita) "Holiday Celebration" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

Christmas colors

Our Price: $375.00
"Kaleidoscope" Furisode Kimono "Kaleidoscope" Furisode Kimono

Butterflies Galore

Our Price: $299.00
"Lucky Green" Furisode Kimono "Lucky Green" Furisode Kimono

Many blossoms

Our Price: $299.00
"Mosaic Mums" Furisode Kimono "Mosaic Mums" Furisode Kimono

Couching embellishment

Our Price: $350.00
"Orange Blossoms" Furisode Kimono "Orange Blossoms" Furisode Kimono

Floral Fun

Our Price: $275.00
"Paulownia" Kakeshita Wedding Kimono "Paulownia" Kakeshita Wedding Kimono


Our Price: $600.00
"Peacock Feathers" Furisode Kimono "Peacock Feathers" Furisode Kimono

Absolutely gorgeous

Our Price: $299.00
"Peonies and Sakura" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Peonies and Sakura" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

With designer label

Our Price: $600.00
"Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono "Peonies Galore" Furisode Kimono

Delicate Hand Work

Our Price: $299.00
"Pine - Long Life" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Pine - Long Life" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Masterful weave

Our Price: $600.00
"Pine and Dandy" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita) "Pine and Dandy" Wedding Kimono (Kakeshita)

Auspicious symbols

Our Price: $400.00
"Pink Jacquard" Furisode Kimono "Pink Jacquard" Furisode Kimono

Cranes and Waves

Our Price: $249.00
"Purple Clouds" Furisode Kimono "Purple Clouds" Furisode Kimono

Deep contrast colors!

Our Price: $250.00
"Red Cranes" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Red Cranes" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Sliver of sky

Our Price: $600.00
"Red Plum Blossoms" Furisode Kimono "Red Plum Blossoms" Furisode Kimono

Stencil and Brush Work

Our Price: $299.00
"Samurai Bridal" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Samurai Bridal" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Golden embroidered crest

Our Price: $3,500.00
Sale Price: $1,999.99
"Satin Stitch Sweetheart" Furisode Kimono "Satin Stitch Sweetheart" Furisode Kimono

Embroidered Elegance

Our Price: $299.00
"Shibori Layers" Furisode Kimono "Shibori Layers" Furisode Kimono

Swirls and Florals

Our Price: $299.00
"Shiromuku" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Shiromuku" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Shinto Ceremony

Our Price: $400.00
Sale Price: $299.00
"Spider Mums" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Spider Mums" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Fantastic Embroidery

Our Price: $700.00
"Taking Off" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Taking Off" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Blue Shibori!

Our Price: $500.00
"Treasure Carts" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake) "Treasure Carts" Wedding Kimono (Uchikake)

Imperial Treasure Carts

Our Price: $600.00
Sale Price: $399.00
"Tsujigahana" Furisode Kimono "Tsujigahana" Furisode Kimono

Shibori Plover and more

Our Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $299.00
"Wisteria and Cranes" Furisode Kimono "Wisteria and Cranes" Furisode Kimono

Arching Purples

Our Price: $299.00