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One-of-a-kind tote bags created from vintage Japanese obi fabrics, with a sturdiness that comes from the heavier and stiffer weaves we find in most vintage obi textiles. Lined with contemporary fabric, reinforced stitching, wide straps, and boxed corners make it strong enough for books, groceries, shopping, knitting, or just a day on the town. Each has a small inside pocket to hold your wallet, cell phone keys, glasses, or ...?
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"Black Magic" - Totebag

Classic colors

Our Price: $99.00
"Coral Girl" - Totebag

Bright and lively

Our Price: $50.00
"Dainty Day" - Totebag

Lovely Lace Detail

Our Price: $99.00
"Dancing Shapes" - Totebag

Boogie on

Our Price: $99.00
"Double Fan" - Totebag

Double the fun!

Our Price: $99.00
"Golden Fans" - Totebag

Bright and bold

Our Price: $60.00
"Gossip Girl" - Totebag

Cute little imagery

Our Price: $99.00
"Honors Sake Blue" - Totebag

Sturdy canvas remake

Our Price: $50.00
"Kizakura Kappa Sake" - Totebag

Find your inner imp

Our Price: $55.00
"Lions and Horses" - Totebag

Look closely…

Our Price: $99.00
"Pink Polka Dots" - Totebag

Green leafy fun

Our Price: $99.00
"Red Gem" - Totebag

Bright, Bold, Beautiful

Our Price: $99.00
"Rorschach Test" - Totebag

What do YOU see?

Our Price: $99.00
"Rosie" - Totebag

Subtle and Sweet

Our Price: $99.00
"Sake Sack" - Totebag

Sturdy canvas pouch

Our Price: $50.00
"Stars on Stripes" - Totebag

We salute you

Our Price: $99.00
"Sunshine Swoop" - Totebag

Clouds Be Gone!

Our Price: $109.00
"Swimming Swirls" - Totebag

Blue and black combo

Our Price: $99.00
"Teacher, Teacher!" - Totebag

Great book bag

Our Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $50.00
"Teal Petals" - Totebag

Festive Abstract Florals

Our Price: $99.00
"Triangles" - Totebag

Sturdy and pretty!

Our Price: $60.00
"Vine and Dandy" - Totebag

Merlot Time!

Our Price: $99.00
"Wild Woman" - Totebag

Electric Green

Our Price: $60.00
"Zig Zag" - Totebag

Zippy little number

Our Price: $99.00