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For the host who really likes to set the table right, we have both runners and coaster sets that offer a special Asian accent - bound to spark conversation at your next gathering. Made from re-purposed vintage Japanese obi, these unique table decor pieces marry beauty and function to create the perfect gift for the discerning host.
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"Antique Shibori" Nagoya Obi

Soft, fine silk

Our Price: $99.00
"Autumn Abstract" Table Runner

Woven Watercolor

Our Price: $89.00
"Black Nagoya" Women's Obi

Subtle black jacquards

Our Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $20.00
"Bridal Party" Table Runner

Silvery Shine

Our Price: $69.00
"Classic Combo" Coaster Set

Woven Cotton

Our Price: $12.00
"Flowing Collage" Table Runner

Bright Color Mix

Our Price: $99.00
"Green Envy" Coaster Set

Striped and Solid

Our Price: $12.00
"Overlapping Waves" Table Runner

Seigaiha Pattern

Our Price: $69.00
"Peacock Paisley" Coaster Set

Repurposed obi fabric

Our Price: $12.00
"Pine Fans" Fukuro Obi

Black background

Our Price: $130.00
"Pink Roses" Nagoya Obi and Obijime Set

With Silver Swirls

Our Price: $109.00
"Red Runner" Table Runner

Ume and Cranes

Our Price: $89.00
"Turquoise Shibori" Table Runner

Ivy Pattern

Our Price: $89.00
"Vintage Mums" Coaster Set

Beautiful brocade

Our Price: $16.00