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One-of-a-kind pieced scarves created from vintage kimono silks, combined in a way that highlights the color and patterning of each unique fabric.
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"1970's Abstract" - Scarf


Our Price: 60.00
"Berry White" - Scarf

Wine on snow

Our Price: 50.00
"Bubble Floral" - Scarf

Silver leaf accents

Our Price: 60.00
"Burgundy Hydrangea" - Scarf

Rich color

Our Price: 40.00
"Buttercream Garden" - Scarf

Orange on the back

Our Price: 50.00
"Butterflies" - Kimono Scarf

Abstract delight

Our Price: 50.00
"Clouds and a Cutout" - Scarf

Look closely

Our Price: 60.00
"Colorful Shibori" - Scarf

Primary colors on black

Our Price: 75.00
"Fall Collage" - Scarf

Chirimen silk

Our Price: 55.00
"Floral Flourish" - Scarf

Pretty pinks!

Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: 50.00
"Floral Fun" - Scarf

Great color

Our Price: 50.00
"Fun & Bright" - Scarf

Feminine Fancy

Our Price: 75.00
"Funky with Gold" - Scarf

Retro abstract

Our Price: 50.00
"Garden Scenery" - Scarf

Subtle, classic

Our Price: $55.00
Sale Price: 45.00
"Green Landscape" - Scarf

Come to the country

Our Price: 50.00
"Hot Pink Ikat" Scarf

Wild one…

Our Price: 40.00
"Orange Angles" - Scarf

Velvet touch

Our Price: 40.00
"Raspberry Ikat" - Scarf

Light and dark

Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: 35.00
"Red Mums" - Scarf

Bold and brazen

Our Price: 60.00
"Royal Colors" - Scarf

Golden Ikat

Our Price: 60.00
"Soft Blue" - Scarf

Retro design

Our Price: $50.00
Sale Price: 40.00
"Taisho Remnant" - Scarf

1920's recycled

Our Price: 70.00
"Tiny Blossoms" - Scarf

Dainty delight

Our Price: 40.00
"Tsujigahana Floral" - Scarf

Brushwork detail

Our Price: 75.00
"Wavy Swirls" - Scarf

With a surprise

Our Price: 50.00