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We've just shortened the original kimono to create a more casual, versatile and easy-to-wear robe or beach cover up.
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"Batik Butterflies" Japanique Robe

Soft blue-green

Our Price: $99.00
"Blue Basketweave" Japanique Robe

Silver speckles

Our Price: $99.00
"Funky Red" Japanique Robe

Retro Robe

Our Price: $99.00
"Geometric Jumble" Japanique Robe

Wild color combo

Our Price: $99.00
"Lacy Ivy" Japanique Robe

Soft greens

Our Price: $99.00
"Orange Fans" Japanique Robe

So comfy!

Our Price: $99.00
"Pastel Weave" Japanique Robe/Cover Up

Light and airy for poolside

Our Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $39.00
"Red Ikat Angles" Japanique Robe

Geometric Flowers?

Our Price: $99.00
"Sunset Rooftiles" Japanique Robe

Gorgeous coral color

Our Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $40.00
"Temple Grounds" Japanique Robe

Tiny white flowers

Our Price: $99.00