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Men's casual kimono are typically a single, dark color with a small woven design.
More formal kimono are a single dark color with one, three or five family crests.
Colorful or large-patterned kimono are usually underkimono - meant to be layered beneath a darker kimono and never seen by the public.
Men's summer cotton kimono - called yukata - are unlined and typically a small geometric design in blue and white.
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"Back to Basics" Man's Kimono

Dark, dark gray

Our Price: $99.00
"Black Formal" Man's Kimono - Various Crests

Five crested, multiples

Our Price: $119.00
Sale Price: $99.00
"C is for Cookie" Man's Yukata Kimono

Great cotton robe

Our Price: $89.00
"Casual Brown" Man's Kimono

Informal but fun

Our Price: $103.00
"Chain, Chain, Chain" Man's Yukata Kimono

Easy Care Cotton

Our Price: $99.00
"Circuitry" Man's Yukata Kimono

Traditional Summer Robe

Our Price: $89.00
"Custom Made Kimono"

Any size in the traditional pattern

Our Price: $175.00
"Easy Going" Man's Kimono

Robe to Chill In

Our Price: $99.00
"Hot Tub Casual" Man's Kimono

Unlined, light and breezy

Our Price: $99.00
"Interlocking" Man's Yukata Kimono

Tapered Sleeves

Our Price: $89.00
"Layered Grids" Man's Yukata Kimono

Many shades of blue

Our Price: $89.00
"Nemaki" Man's Casual Kimono

Hotel Kimono

Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $69.00
"Subtle Hubby" Man's Kimono

Understated, simple

Our Price: $99.00
"Tiny Grid" Man's Yukata Kimono

Easy Care Cotton

Our Price: $99.00
men under kimono juban "Tokaido Treasures" Man's Under Kimono

Traveling Time

Our Price: $109.00
Sale Price: $99.00
"Wavy Wall" Man's Yukata Kimono

Intriguing Pattern

Our Price: $99.00
"Zodiac" Man's Kimono

Underkimono - Juban

Our Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $99.00