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Occasionally we create or come across unusual garments or accessories for children....
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"Ancient Fu Dogs" Boy's Kimono

Dramatic Display

Our Price: 149.00
"Diamonds on Teal" Boy's Hakama

Traditional Motif

Our Price: 50.00
vintage childrens costume collectible "Hot Pink" Costume Haori

Child sized

Our Price: 99.00
vintage girls vest collectible "Michiyuki Style" Girl's Vest

Cute display

Our Price: 49.00
"Narrow Stripes" Boy's Hakama

For the Ring Bearer

Our Price: 40.00
vintage childrens costume collectible "Noh Child" Costume

Gold couching

Our Price: 99.00
vintage childrens costume collectible "Noh or Kabuki" Costume Set with Obi

Kimono and Obi

Our Price: 400.00
"Purple Pine" Boy's Hakama

Skirt Style

Our Price: 50.00
"Purple Wheels" Boy's Hakama


Our Price: 50.00
girls geta shoes "Solid Black" Girl's Zori Geta Shoes

New, not vintage

Our Price: 6.00
"Toddler Warmth" Mystery Padding

Cozy for baby

Our Price: 59.00
vintage girls kimono collectible "Tortoise, Crane, Bunny" Girl's Kimono

Antique Indigo

Our Price: 300.00